Giving Back

As some who have made it to this page have heard, we were approached by Candice Payne, when we were having the coldest recorded temperatures, in Chicago history.  In a time of need, our manager, Robyn Smith, made the decision to open our doors and to work with Candice on helping house some homeless people, during these life threatening days with the weather.

What started out as one act of kindness, soon snowballed into more rooms being paid for, food being sent for the homeless that were going to be staying with us, and other necessities.  This is what makes Chicago “The Heart of the Country.”  It takes people caring to make an impact, and Candice, along with her group that were out that cold winters night, showed the world what humanity is all about.  None of the parties involved, were expecting to make headlines around the world, we all did what we could, and made a huge impact working together.

It fills our hearts with joy, when we read your e-mails and comments on social media.  Yes, we are only on Facebook, but, we are still active on our personal pages on other channels, reading each and every word that is sent our way.  We were thrilled to hear that Candice was invited onto Ellen DeGeneres show (video clip is below), and we were once again moved to see Walmart, gift Candice back ten fold for her kindness and generosity.

There is still so much to be done with helping the less fortunate, and we are pretty sure that Candice is a great place to start.  Here is a link to her GoFundMe page and her website Action for a Cause, every bit helps, and everyone can make a difference.  Be the change that you want to see in the world.

If you also want to do something nice for Robyn and our amazing team that stayed extra hours to work during that time and the ones that were called in last minute to help with caring for the hotel, please feel free to send breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Our hardworking team, would love nothing more than a great meal, snacks or other treats to say a big thanks.  If there are any questions, please feel free to send an e-mail to  We are trying our best to reply to all, with all the wonderful messages we have been receiving.

We also have been reading your messages about us becoming your go-to hotel when you come to Chicago, and we thank you for that.  We look forward to seeing everyone on their next trip to Chicago.

Please feel free to keep sending along the messages, our team and management, love reading each and every word.